Indigo Chandelier Mobile Dreamcatcher


Large chandelier dreamcatcher mobile, handmade and hand woven by me. This unique piece will really stand out in your little ones nursery or in any room!

Details & Size

The large willow hoop is approx 30cm/12 inches in diameter and the smaller hoop is 15cm/6 inches.

The length of the mobile from the top hanging loop to the very bottom feather is approx 36 Inches.
This includes 18 inches of hanging thread and 18 Inches from the willow hoop to the bottom feather.

Feather colours are Indigo and White. Each strand has approximately 14 beads made up of glass, stone, wood and gold separators. Approximately 270 beads in total!

Custom Orders

Do you like this dream catcher but maybe the colours or feathers don’t quite match what you’re looking for? Please contact me as I accept custom orders on everything in my store. No charge for colour changes!

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